Toxic That Planet Holds Onto Forever. If not, Atleast 450 Years!

How to save planet from plastic pollution
Source: no_plasticwaste instagram

Some of you might have got a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about.
If you have guessed it you are right, you know where I’m leading this to.

Yes… It’s Plastic.

The world goes through 500 billion plastic bags annually piling up in landfill, not just bags… (Source)

This also include plastic bottles, straws and other items made out of plastic.

The toxic that we all use it for 15 minutes(just saying), but it’s there on this earth almost forever. And who is suffering out of this? Marine animals, Birds, animals that live on land almost everyone including YOU.

Yea you heard me. You are suffering too!😥

What do you think that happens to the microplastic that reach the oceans?

It reached the body of the marine animals and we eat them on our daily basis.

It’s true! A recent study shows that 33% of assessed fish were found to have plastic within them.

Now who is to blame here? you? Definitely not the poor FISH.❌

The better question is why do you use it? Why aren’t we using any alternatives?

I shop locally. No matter what the product is. (By the way I don’t spend a lot on new things. I try to be minimalistic as much as possible.)

I carry a bag which I use every time I go for shopping groceries and stuff.
Now thing about the change that you are bringing just by adopting to this change.

What if this is done by everyone else in my town?

💚Yes. We could bring a lot of change to the problem that is going on this planet.

🙌The good news is that people are aware and…

Almost 90% of people surveyed globally support a treaty on plastic.

More than 150 governments support a global legally binding treaty to stop plastic pollution.

Over 100 businesses, including major multinationals have joined the call for a treaty on plastic pollution.

So what could you do in your daily life to reduce plastic usage?

✅Avoid single-use plastics such as drinking straws.
✅If you go shopping, remember to take a cloth bag.
✅Recycle chewing gum, it’s also make of plastic!
✅Buy more bulk food and fewer packaged products.
✅Replace plastic Tupperware for glass or steel containers.
✅Pay attention and put your plastic waste in the correct recycling container.
✅Choose to reuse and give some of the packaging a new purpose.

By doing so, you are giving a lot to the environment and not just taking from it. Remember! You consume plastic too, Everyday!

Just by following these, you are contributing to a bigger change.🌎 It won’t be soon enough but we will get there. ✌

Together we can protect out environment and also the living beings on this planet. They are our responsibility!



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